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If by chance you are looking for a place where Christ is the head, the Holy Spirit is welcomed, children are loved, elders are respected, families are strengthened, males are taught to be men, and girls are empowered to be women; a place where marriage is encouraged, the immediate needs of the people are on the hearts of the people, a place where being different is an asset and not a liability, a place to be complete, satisfied and saved, then “Welcome to New Ju”

God has a purpose for New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church and I am sure that His purpose for our ministry here involves the edification of people and the glorification of God. New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church is a local Body of Christ which seeks to empower the spiritual lives of the people of Houston and its vicinity. It serves as a community-based congregation serving people of all socioeconomic standards, enhancing their quality of life by ministering to the whole person. We are committed to an evangelistic thrust which is centered around the biblical application of the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. We are transitioning into a move of God that I believe will change the make up of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church. For we are focused on “Developing Disciples Towards Excellence”. Excellence in preaching, teaching, praying, giving, living, loving, accepting, encouraging, empowering, forgiving, following, working, and serving. The scriptures tell us that our Father is glorified when we bear much fruit. (John 15:8) No longer can we settle for just being hearers of the Word but now we must be doers.
We have affirmed in this congregation without regret that, “IT’S NOT ABOUT EQUAL GIVING BUT EQUAL SACRIFICE.” Sacrifice is going to be a constant message in 2010 for those who will hear because we know that it is the sacrifice of our Time, Talents and Treasurers that pleases God.

Pastor Lance Watson, writes in his book Maximize Your Edge these words, “If you want to fulfill your destiny, if you want to live a successful life, you have to live with passion, because life deserves and demands everything you’ve got. If you desire to maximize your impact; if you want to meet the unanticipated possibilities, unlimited opportunities, and unexpected challenges that life brings, you’re going to have to live passionately.” Therefore with a desire and a passion, my brothers and sisters, there’s nothing that can hinder us from making full proof of our ministries. YOU ARE WELCOMED!!!!!!

In The Mighty Name of Jesus

Pastor D. D. Jackson


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