New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church's 2009-2010 Officers

Seated: Sis. Erma McDonald, Deaconess Chairperson, Sis. Lois Profit, President S.W.M., Sis. Marie Sanford, Co-Chairman, Sis. Thelma Pruitt, Prayer,

Standing from left to right (front row)t: Bro. Terrance Johnson, G.E.N.T.S., Audio/Video Ministry, Sis. K. Johnson, Advisor, Audio & Video Ministry, Sis. Rhonda Cornish, Vice President of U.P.G., Sis. C. Hausey, L.O.I.S., Bro. James Johnson, S.S., Bro. Darvon Johnson, G.E.N.T.S., Sis. Vivian Harper, Senior-Women Christian Education, Sis. Gladys Williams, R.U.T.H., Sis. Nakia Jackson, G.E.M.S., Sis. Barbara Williams, C.C. Director/Pres.Children Ministry, Sis. Jackie Jackson, Pastor's Aide, Visitor Follow-up, Jessica Phillips, L.O.I.S. President.

Standing from left to right (back row): Dec. Tommy Harper Jr., S.S. Director, New Members Orientation, Sis. Mary Green, S.W.M. 1st Vice Pres., S.W., Sis. Jackie Phillips, Advisor, A.C., Sis. Peggy Anderson, U.P.G. Pres., Dec. D. Hausey, Vice Pres. S.C., Dec. Charles Harper, G.E.N.T.S., Deacon Chairman, Benevolence Asst. Director, Dec. Samuel Jones, Pres. Brotherhood, Men Christian Education, Deacon Co-Chairman, Transportation, Bro. A. Anderson, V.P. Brotherhood, G.E.N.T.S., Sis. LaTonya Scott, G.E.M.S.

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